Because it's S.A.F.E - simple. assertive. fast. effective. And because we C.A.R.E. - children against repulsive encounters.
Johanis' Karate School
229 Broadway Ave. #9
Orangeville, ON
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Fundamental Life Skills
For Students of All Ages

Learn fundamental life skills that will last a lifetime at Johanis’ Karate School.

We are a nationally recognized, award winning school serving the Orangeville area since 1994. Our educational and comprehensive martial arts program focuses on both mental and physical skills.

Karate for Every Age

Johanis’ Karate School has programs for ages three to 83, including Little Ninjas (ages 3-5), Kinder Karate (ages 5-7), Junior Karate (ages 7-12) and Teen Karate (ages 13 and up).

We offer adult classes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and much more. Ask about one of our popular camps or host your child’s birthday party with us.

Learn Self-Defense

Under the guidance of Elyse and John Johanis, our programs combine practical and effective self-defense techniques and functional fitness training.

We are a traditional martial arts school based in a high-energy context.

Build Confidence

We understand the mind, body and spirit connection goes far beyond just physical training. Learn to believe in yourself and build confidence with the instructors at Johanis’ Karate School. We have over 25 years of teaching experience.

Call us today! (519) 941-0573

Meet The Leaders Of Orangeville's Johanis' Karate School:

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Program Director
Elyse Johanis (Hons. B.A. Psych)

Elyse has a Specialized Honours Degree in Psychology and has vast experience working with children. She has expertise in child development and family relationships.

Master Instructor
John Johanis (6th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor)

John’s Martial Arts experience spans over 20 years. He is considered to be the best instructor according to the Black Belt Institute and is the highest ranked karate Instructor in the area.

Sensei Trenton Johanis, speaking at the Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior Talks, McMaster University - "Alive and Kicking: The life benefits of the martial arts."