About Us

In 2004, John and Elyse decided to take Johanis’ Karate School in a new direction. Elyse was eager to transition her social work experience into a progressive Martial Arts School. John, retired from Sport Karate Competition, was ready to infuse his desire and passion into an updated curriculum to their style of Kempo Karate. Although Johanis’ Karate School continues to respect century old Martial Arts tradition, John and Elyse are a dynamic duo that consistently seek new and innovative ways to enthuse and excite their students.

About our School

Johanis’ Karate School (JKS) is a traditional martial arts school that understands a true martial artist is not born from just learning to kick and punch but from striving to become a better person in mind, body and spirit. The mental, physical and social components of the JKS system empower our students to achieve their goals, with the minimum martial arts goal being black belt. JKS’ training is rooted in the Five Black Belt Principles: Honesty, Courtesy, Self-Discipline, Perseverance and a Positive Attitude, principles that carry into everyday life. Self defence is a key component of the JKS system because we know that learning how to keep yourself safe, whether on the street or on the playground, builds the confidence to help our students navigate difficult situations. We are peaceful warriors but also know how to neutralize aggression both verbally and physically.

School Awards and Recognition

2008: Johanis’ Karate School won the Reader’s Choice Award.

2009: Elyse received her black belt from Hanshi John Atkinson

2009-2018: Johanis’ Karate School won the Canadian Karate Kung Fu Association (CKKA) Appreciation Award for “dedication and contribution to the development and continued growth of the CKKA”

2011: Johanis’ Karate School is declared “Top Martial Arts School” from the Education Funding Company, an association with schools in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

2012: John was awarded with the “Humberto Medeiros Memorial Award” an award given by the CKKA for “tenacity, fighting spirit and year of dedication to the continued growth of the CKKA”.

2013: Elyse developed a workshop named “Black Belt Parenting”. It was accepted by the CKKA and was taught at their annual gathering.

2014: Elyse was ordered by the Black Belt Institute to change her rank from Sensei to Sifu.

2014: John was awarded the “Chong Memorial Award”, the highest honours in the CKKA given in appreciation for years of dedication and contribution to the development and continued growth of the CKKA through the teachings of Grand Masters D.M. Chong and D.S. Chong.

2015: Johanis’ Karate Schools won the Championship “Chong Cup” at the annual CKKA Karate Tournament.

2015: Johanis’ Karate Schools won CKKA Appreciation Award.

2016: Johanis’ Karate Schools won the Championship “Chong Cup” at the annual CKKA Karate Tournament.

2017: Sifu Elyse was awarded the “Humberto Mederios Memorial Award” by the CKKA, becoming the second woman in history to receive such a prestigious award.

2017: Johanis’ Karate Schools won the Championship “Chong Cup” at the annual CKKA Karate Tournament.

2017: Johanis’ Karate School won the Downtown Orangeville’s BIA “Harvest Celebration Scarecrow” competition with ALAS Dufferin.

2017: Reader’s Choice Award.

2018: Johanis’ Karate School retired the Championship “Chong Cup” at the annual CKKA gathering, to incite and inspire new Martial Arts Schools within their association.

2018: John remains the current Vice-President of the Black Belt Institute.

Things to know about us …

Our Teaching Style

We like to say that we take what we do seriously–learning to defend ourselves is serious business—we just don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to have fun, we play games, we have mat chats, and an overall good time with our students. This keeps them interested and keen to learn.

Drop-Off Program

We’ve been doing this a long time and have found times have changed. We decided to change our program to a drop-off basis after the pandemic. We found children flourished when focused on their learning. We understand that sometimes kids may need their hand held a little when trying something new, and for that reason we are not forceful, and welcome you to settle them in.  What we’ve learned is that it is extremely beneficial for children to have an opportunity, just like they do for their school or daycare day, to separate and gain new skills and experience. We provide a safe, supportive environment for your child to gain independence which positively impacts their everyday life.  Learning they can do things on their own–sometimes even hard things, builds resiliency — something so needed when it comes to their future physical and mental well-being.  Further to providing your child with an opportunity to separate, we invite you to take the time for a coffee, or quick errand, because karate lessons are just that, lessons. It’s uncomfortable for many children to feel watched while they learn and frustrating for some parents to watch the learning process. Dropping your child off is a win, win. You get some time to yourself, and they have the time to learn and then demonstrate their learning when they’re ready. It’s so fun for them to show you their new skills. We do offer zoom opportunities to have a look though, just so you can see their progress.