Sensei Trenton Johanis is a Third Degree (Sandan) Black Belt in Karate and a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has been involved in martial arts for over 15 years and was raised in the family business! Trenton is a two-time CKKA Black Belt Kumite Champion, a Black Belt Forms Champion, and a Team Form Champion. After teaching full-time at JKS through high school, Trenton pursued a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (Music Cognition Specialization) at McMaster University. While at Mac, Trenton was the President and Head Instructor of McMaster Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He also trained with the McMaster Shaolin Kung-Fu Association. Trenton is now pursuing his MA/PhD in Psychology at the University of Toronto with the intention of becoming a university professor. When he is not on the mats, you can find Trenton listening to music, playing his guitar, or at the gym!

Sensei Christy Long is a Third Degree (Sandan) Black Belt that has been training for over 15 years. She has been a SWAT (Special Winning Attitude Team) member and instructor for too many years to recall, as she learned early on in her martial arts journey that helping others achieve their goals deepened her experience. Sensei Christy and her husband (a fellow JKS Black Belt) brought twin girls into the JKS family in 2009. Firmly believing that “families that kick together, stick together,” they started their daughters training almost as soon as they could walk. Sensei Christy is proud of her two daughters, who continue to actively train and are on their path to their minimum goal of Black Belt! When not at the dojo, Sensei Christy is a team manager and corporate trainer with a national insurance provider. She is also a certified pilot and flight instructor, flying skydivers and wilderness adventurists to places all over Ontario. Sensei Christy remains not only passionate about reaching goals for herself, but also continues to enthusiastically dedicate her time helping others to reach theirs.

Sensei Sonya Copeland is a certified teacher with the Peel District School Board. She began her martial arts training 11 years ago when she sat through her son’s first class. Bored out of her mind, Sonya decided that she didn’t want to be a spectator; she wanted to be a participant and train with Kurtis. Sensei Sonya recently earned her Third Degree (Sandan) Black Belt, and as she continues to train, she hopes to encourage and support others who are on their quest to be their best. When she’s not at the dojo, Sonya loves to spend time with her family… both the humans and the pets.

Sempai Lisa Goodison is a Third Degree (Nidan) Black Belt. She joined her children on the mats in 2008 when her daughter (Rachel) was a Little Ninja and her son (Aaron) was a green belt in the Junior Karate program. Since then, she has enjoyed participating in and assisting with many school events, Power Weekends, and the annual CKKA tournament and banquet. To complement her Karate training, Lisa also trains as a Blue Belt in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program. Lisa is a graduate of McMaster University (Hons B Comm), a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA), and the Business Manager at the local women’s shelter. Outside of work and the dojo, Lisa enjoys spending time at her country home in Alton with her husband, her children, and her dog: a rescue Golden Retriever.

Sempai Elizabeth (Liz) Glenday is a First Degree (Shodan) Black Belt who initially followed her children and husband into Karate class—unaware of how quickly it would become a passion. In 2012, after training for less than a year, she wrote: “I love the grace and the power, the mental focus and the physical challenges of Karate… as my abilities increase, I aspire to becoming a mentor and coach to others.” Sempai Liz is now honoured to be among the Black Belt instructors at JKS, and the proud Mom in their “Black Belt Family” of four. She plans to continue her training by building skills in weapons and advanced katas, and competing in the annual CKKA tournament. Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience as a Certified Fitness Leader (RHEP-OFC), Yoga Exercise Specialist (YES), and Mat Pilates Instructor (PMI), with specialized training in fitness for seniors and children. She teaches a variety of weekly classes in the Orangeville area, including a Creative Movement program that she designed for adults with special needs. Further professional pursuits include Directing and Writing for Theatre Orangeville’s Creative Partners on Stage, and her work as owner and creative director of BusyLizzy Boutique: a mobile and online shop, for which she creates and sells her crochet designs for busy, active, people on-the-go.