As a result of a fire in 2022, we were forced to move and we now have three spaces in the downtown part of Orangeville. We have our beautiful studio at 109 Broadway, (beside the TD Bank and Craft Pizza) where all of our physical training happens. It’s a matted, bright, and happy space. Then we have both the office and The JKS Hub at 162 Broadway (in between the Salvation Army & Bubble Tea). The office is where we get you registered and all ready to go. The JKS Hub is a space for birthday parties, and where we host our monthly JKS Kids Club. The JKS Kids Club is a place for our students to connect and be social outside of class, something that is so great for their mental well being. With lots of Green P parking behind the Public Health Office, off of Little York Street, or beside the Royal Bank, it’s convenient to park, drop your JKSer to class and enjoy the lovely shops on Broadway, grab a coffee or run a quick errand. 

162 Broadway - more photos coming soon

studio/School: 109 Broadway.