Learn life skills at Johanis'
Karate School, Orangeville

This program was designed specifically for children ages 7-11 years old. In our Junior Karate Program, your child will learn and grow in a process that accommodates their skills and abilities.

The main intent of our school is to meet each student’s individual needs and to have fun while learning. Classes are high energy and fast paced to keep children focused and to create the most supportive learning environment. We strive to help young people become respectful human beings, to get respect by giving respect and to develop the strength of character to succeed.

Mental skills are taught in conjunction with physical self-defense skills to create a whole martial arts education. We teach the art of “fighting without fighting”. This is the way the martial arts were meant to be learned. When students acquire both mental and physical skills, they have the ability to deal with conflict on all levels.

We are S.A.F.E at Johanis’ Karate School, we work really hard to insure our students learn Simple, Assertive, Fast and Effective, practical self-defense techniques. Our program is friendly and fun because we learned a long time ago that, when students are having fun , they learn so much more.