Johanis' Karate School Offers
Structured Program for Kindergarten Age

This program is specifically designed for children ages 5-6. Your child will learn and grow in a process that accommodates their skills and abilities.


Kinder Karate students have the opportunity to progress within their developmental range. They are not expected to keep up with the capabilities of older school-aged children. This translates to a more functional and structured program designed just for them.

Kids Earn Belts

The Kinder Karate program breaks down curriculum requirements for each belt level. Students will be required to meet six general expectations to achieve two sets of stripes. This extended reward system offers an ongoing sense of success, which is critical to building confidence. This method ensures that Kinder Karate students master the skill sets required to progress to the next belt level.

- Physical Skills -

Karate Skills

• Blocks
• Stances
• Kicks
• Strikes
• Sparring
• Balance
• Combinations
• Kata
• Safety drills game.


• Awareness
• Evasion techniques
• Applications
• Vocal development

Physical Fitness

• Flexibility
• Balance
• Endurance
• Coordination

- Mental Skills -

Social Skills

• Turn taking
• Sharing
• Focus
• Teamwork
• Vocal development & awareness

Life Skills Coaching

• Goal setting
• Confidence
• Black belt attitude
• Leadership
• Message of the week


• How to deal with bullies & strangers