Tots Learn to Take Turns at Johanis' Karate School, Orangeville

Little Ninjas is a karate readiness program designed for enthusiastic, energetic and active tots aged 3-4. The program encourages sharing and turn-taking within a positive and controlled environment. Quick rotations keep Little Ninjas busy and interactive in order to maintain focus and attention.

Self-defense for Kids

We assist Little Ninjas in problem solving through movement, developing coordination, and acquiring basic “stranger-danger” skills. Early self-defense skills are reinforced in every class.

- Physical Skills -

Basic Karate Skills

• Blocks
• Stances
• Kicks
• Balance
• Combinations
• Safety drills

Self-Defense Skills

• Awareness
• Evasion techniques
• Applications
• Vocal development

Physical Fitness

• Flexibility
• Balance
• Endurance
• Coordination

- Mental Skills -

Social Skills

• Turn taking
• Sharing
• Focus
• Vocal development & awareness