Personal training (PT) is a compliment to essential practice. Every serious student should have regular PT sessions. Speed up your training by learning more in a shorter period. Kyoshi John will tweak and hone your skills with a very close attention to detail. You’ll be amazed at how much you (or your child) can learn through PT sessions.

Regardless of how often you have a PT session, the knowledge you gain from your one-on-one time with Kyoshi will translate into your regular classes. Many students still remember the tips they receive from just a few sessions with Kyoshi.

If you are the type of person that likes to go above and beyond, adding a couple of sessions to your regular training will give you an edge and equip you with the knowledge and training so that you can be ahead of the curve.

If you find it difficult to attend regular classes because of your prior commitments, then PT sessions are a great way for you to get the training you want, when YOU have the time.

When it comes to Martial Arts, the relationship between master and student is as ancient as the forms they practice.